Why should I use a SurveyBot survey?

While there are numerous survey providers, there are none with the transparency, flexibility, affordability, insightfulness, and actionability of SurveyBot. Our platform allows you to custom build your own survey or use our short and tested versions at an affordable rate to achieve real results for your team. 

Anonymity is protected as we send surveys directly to your team via email, Slack or SMS for those who might not use a computer, like people at a cafe or hospital. Give employees a voice, find out what matters and gain insights into your culture and engagement quickly without having to integrate an entire software system into your tech stack. 

Simply login, choose a survey template or custom build your own survey, import the contacts you want to survey, and schedule it and it will automatically send as needed. SurveyBot compiles the results and keeps information relevant and accessible with clear survey reports and analytics. 

While most providers charge a costly per expected participant rate or per employee fee, SurveyBot offers you a free version or an extremely affordable monthly rate. We encourage everyone to use the free-trial so you get a full understanding of exactly what you can achieve.