What types of questions are asked in employee engagement surveys?

Engagement surveys use a variety of open and closed ended questions to understand how the employee experiences performance management strategies. Many surveys use the Likert ratings system where employees choose from canned responses or a numerical set. 

For example: From 1-5, rate how you are feeling at work? Or, my suggestions are valued and enacted at work – a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree. 

Closed question surveys allow the surveyor to quantify and score outcomes overall. This can then be used to chart performances overtime, compare departments and highlight specific areas of concern. 

Open ended questions give employees the space to voice concerns specific to them or their experience. For example: “how would you describe your relationship with your manager?” “What are your personal goals in this role?”, “Have you any additional comments to include?”.