How are responders’ information securely protected?

SurveyBot prides itself on maintaining security and compliance standards. In order to abide by the highest GDPR standards, SurveyBot subscribes to the mandate handed down by European Union GDPR Article 32 as of May 2018. We choose the EU GDPR article mandate as they are the most stringent and strict of any major government. It compels companies to be more accountable for data protection by assessing and mitigating all potential risks and conducting regular tests on the security of your data processing.

User Level Security
In compliance with the highest standards of security, we safeguard your data by fully encrypting each survey response as they are submitted. This means that all answers are converted into ciphertext as soon as the employee hits send leaving no room for error. In addition, we commit to only retaining any information collected for as long as it is necessary to fulfill your requested service.